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Beyond Academics

At ACCMAN, campus life is not merely the imparting of knowledge in the classroom. ACCMAN also trains students for leadership roles through a variety of activities aimed at developing intellectual and social skills that can serve them well in their future careers. Going beyond the academics, students are also exposed to various facets of life to develop a holistic and integrated outlook. The main essence of these activities is to groom students not only as prospective managers but also as outstanding human beings. Some activities directly support the academic enterprise; others contribute more to social and personal growth. A collective sense of mission extending to all segments of campus life strongly impacts the successful ACCMAN experience. ACCMAN student community has formed the following clubs with active support and guidance from members of faculty:

Marketing Club
Unnayan The members of this club involve themselves in various real-time marketing activities. At present, the club is working on launching a CD about selecting the right career with all the relevant information - such as how to select the right career option, information related to different branches of management studies and knowledge about the corporate world. The club is also doing a market survey for gathering essential information. Several more projects are in the offing. The club also organizes discussions and talks on various topics.

Finance Club
Nivesh Powering Pockets The members of this club are focused on gaining the required competencies as future finance whizkids. The members of this club learn all financial operations related to share market transactions, mutual funds, insurance, banking, investments etc. It is also collecting financial data related to share market and latest developments in the financial world for sharing with the members.

Human Resources Club

Synergy HR Club at ACCMAN aims to promote the art and science of HR Management, and create awareness among the student community and develop a collective voice on HR issues. The Club creates an environment for members to learn from each other and promotes the value of our members' contributions. The various events and activities organized by the Club creates an opportunity for exchange on issues such as gender balance and diversity policies, recruitment and staffing via effective partnerships, work/life balance, performance management, conflict management, compensation and benefits.

Aahan is the centerpiece of cultural landscape of ACCMAN. Where students get a chance to showcase their talent in the diversified field. Aahan is the DNA of Cultural landscape of Accman, organically linked with essence as well as appearance. Aahan's main aim is to facilitate, foster and finally accommodate the different cultural facets of our future managers which ultimately helps in developing an integrated personality. It is a 2 day celebrations having competitive and non-competitive events i.e. quizzes, sports, co-curricular areas followed by a highly energetic and enthusiastic cultural performances put by the students. Students from several colleges participate in the events resulting in the battle of the brain. It can be rightly termed as “full field celebration of cerebra” as the fun element is tempered with intellectual stimuli.

To celebrate sprit of togetherness & cooperation and to extend warm welcome to newcomers, the students of ACCMAN organize Inizio - The Co-curricular & Cultural Extraveganza. In this day long event, budding managers showcased their talent in various co-curricular & extracurricular competitions. This mesmerizing event concludes with cultural show which includes breathtaking performance of students.

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