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Create a rewarding future with the top PGDM institute in Delhi NCR

Gaining admission into a PGDM institute in Delhi NCR for a full-time Management degree is highly prestigious in today’s time and age. And if that degree happens to be from a reputed college, the entire educational experience turns out to highly rewarding. It is certainly one of the best ways to secure one’s future these […]

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How fitness goes hand in hand with corporate performance

Organizations are confronted with a number of challenges on a daily basis. This includes managing medical expenditure, optimizing human performance, higher revenue generation and preventing burnout of peak performers. A study by the HealthPartners Research Foundation, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed better quality of work and job performances amongst physically […]

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Simplifying the choice- Data Science vs. Business Analytics

Management guru Peter Drucker once said that only things that can get measured can be managed well. This is the main reason why several companies are looking at data-based studies these days, and why terms such as Big Data have gained prominence. In broad terms, it can be said that while data science involves backend […]

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Constituents of a great institute for PGDM in Greater Noida

One way of letting the corporate or the industrial world know that you are ready to take on their challenges is by enrolling into a top institute for PGDM in Greater Noida. Such an institute will you take you through both academics and work opportunities at a level that is at par with the best […]

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Why you must choose from amongst the top management colleges in Greater Noida

Do you know to set up a career that presents rewarding opportunities over time? The journey towards such a career starts with enrolment in one of the top management colleges in Greater Noida. Just as someone famous once said that it is all about the journey and not the destination, a good college will ensure […]

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Gear up for corporate life at the best PGDM college in Noida

Looking for a chance to break into the league of best careers? Choose a management degree in Finance, Marketing, Business Analytics or any other at the best PGDM college in Noida. What’s more, admission to these colleges is now easier than ever, especially with a decent CAT or MAT score. PGDM stands for Post Graduate […]

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How to look for the top management colleges in Greater Noida

Today Noida and Greater Noida have emerged as the hubs of higher education. A huge number of graduate and post graduate colleges exist in this zone. What this means is that you will have opportunities to network with several students working just as hard as you. It will greatly benefit you to learn from such […]

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Are you searching for the best institute for PGDM in Noida?

The value of an educational program is high only if it provides knowledge and an overall high-quality learning experience. Both these attributes cab be fulfilled through a 2-year PGDM program at any of the reputed institutes in Noida. By aiming to get admission into the best institute for PGDM in Noida, one would always achieve […]

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What sets ACCMAN apart from others?

Before joining any institute, whether Graduate or Post Graduate, the question foremost in every person’s mind is- What benefits do I get by joining this Institute instead of others? At the PG level, it will help you to select ACCMAN Institute of Management, because this is the only institute that creates pathways for students to […]

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Fun in Life @ACCMAN

At ACCMAN, students are forever involved in activities and events, enabling the campus to provide a fun filled ambience. These add an extra dimension to their academics and help them prepare for a brand new career. In any of the night outs, hygienic food arrangements are compulsorily made by ACCMAN. This ensures that our students […]

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