Fun in Life @ACCMAN

Fun in Life @ACCMAN
Fun in Life @ACCMAN

At ACCMAN, students are forever involved in activities and events, enabling the campus to provide a fun filled ambience. These add an extra dimension to their academics and help them prepare for a brand new career. In any of the night outs, hygienic food arrangements are compulsorily made by ACCMAN. This ensures that our students work hard and are able to party even harder.

The annual fest at ACCMAN, titled Aahan, enables the budding postgraduates to showcase their talents during both non-competitive and competitive games. This two-day extravaganza allows B-schools from across the country to participate in events, with competitions for both brain and brawn.

All work and no play make Jack/Jill/Neha/Saurabh/Arindam into dull boys/girls. Amidst a hectic 2 years, before they plunge themselves head first into the big, bad corporate world, students need to be able to know how to unwind themselves. The culture at ACCMAN Institute of Management helps all the students lead balanced lives and nurture themselves while on campus.

Campus life can be fully comprehended only once one goes out into the work sphere. Till that time, students have opportunities to participate in social networking through Societies and Clubs. The following are available at ACCMAN:

  • Nature Club
  • Digital Club
  • Adventure Sports Club
  • Debating Society
  • Photography Club
  • Finance Club
  • HR Managers Club
  • Literary Society
  • Marketers in Action
  • Trekkers

Whatever be your area of specialization during PGDM, you need to experience the best of both worlds on campus. Join ACCMAN Institute of Management and allow yourself to soak in the experience called education.

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