How fitness goes hand in hand with corporate performance

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Organizations are confronted with a number of challenges on a daily basis. This includes managing medical expenditure, optimizing human performance, higher revenue generation and preventing burnout of peak performers. A study by the HealthPartners Research Foundation, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine showed better quality of work and job performances amongst physically fit employees as compared to those with sedentary lifestyles.

Most often than not, we make the mistake of linking peak performance only to immense brainpower, whereas it is really just a component of the performance pyramid. Physical health is also a component of the following pyramid:

Extensive exercise is able to create a sense of mental good health, which in turn shows the way for optimum mental performance.

Participate in fitness activities at colleges

PG colleges today are increasingly providing environment friendly campuses to their students, with a view to enhance holistic health. The concept of a ‘green campus’, which includes usage of cycles for movement, proper disposal bins for wet and dry garbage, systematic waste management systems and recycling energy are visible these days. In turn, this also helps students develop a responsible attitude towards the environment.

There are different ways, both regular and uncommon, that can help fastrack your fitness levels and lead you towards career goals:

  • Spend an extra 15-20 minutes and walk up the stairs instead of using the lift every time.
  • During winters, make it a point to walk in your campus. Not only will it give you Vitamin D but will also improve blood circulation
  • Gyms are available in almost every campus. You can visit the gym for strength training
  • There are a number of sports to participate. This includes volleyball, football, cricket, swimming and others, all of which help increase body flexibility and strength
  • If you have cycles in the campus, make it a point to cycle regularly

How does good health benefit?

  • It takes care of bodily ailments. This means you are available when required the most at any company
  • Boosts self confidence to a great extent
  • Generates a better follow-up ability within you with respect to tasks
  • Enhances focus
  • Helps control stress

Manage water intake

It is very important to remain properly hydrated throughout the year, especially during hot summers. The body loses a lot of water during this time, which you need to make up. Do not make the mistake of drinking several litres of water during workouts- keep sipping during the routine. Remember- proteins are naturally vital for the muscles, but so is water. On an average, a healthy human being should drink 3-4 litres of water on a daily basis. And yes, do not worry if you sweat a lot during workouts- it is perfectly normal.

At the end of the day, one of the most important parameters that must be controlled at any job, whether one’s own or under a boss, is stress. A number of aspects such as the boss’s nature, nature of business, lack of coordination and other issues may not always be under your control, but fitness will always remain under your control. Physical fitness will surely help in conditioning mental being, and in keeping stress at bay.

Prior to moving into the rigorous office routine, most individuals go to study at reputed PG institutes. When you are at such an institute, remember that whatever you do is ideally meant to gear you up for the big, bad job market that lies ahead. If you start incorporating regular fitness activities here, it will not be too difficult for you to rise with a positive frame of mind.

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