Why Business Analytics

Do you often feel that you should be able to make the money you richly deserve as per your qualifications and skills? And are you an engineering pass out or one who extensively dealt with mathematics and/or statistics during graduation? If yes, then the profile of a Business Analyst is likely to be cut out just for you.

It is true that one of the highest paying profiles in India today is that of the Business Analyst. Though the concept of Business Analytics has existed in the country since decades in a variety of forms, it has become the watchword for strategic business decisions made after 2010. With the help of data science, any kind of data can be analyzed.

Business Analytics is offered by a few Management Institutes. Among them are IIMC (in collaboration with ISI and IIT Kharagpur), Praxis business School, IIM Bangalore, Great Lakes, SP Jain. However, very few are offering 2-year full time programmes.

At ACCMAN Institute of Management, you can be part of a 2-year PGDM program in Business Analytics. Each analytics course here comprises of two parts-

  • Tools of data science– Students get to work on different tools used in data science, learning applications along the way. Our industry tie-ups give them hands on experience across live projects.
  • Domain knowledge– Students may decide to work in a single domain or across a variety of industry domains during their careers.

Available industry domains

Business Analytics students can work in any of the following industry domains:

  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Clinical Research
  • Branding
  • Supply Chain Management (Logistics)
  • Retail (ecommerce and physical)

The job of a Business Analyst is to essentially capture and analyse data. But he/she must also know about different domains, otherwise use of data cannot be fully comprehended. Hence if you want to be on a fast track join a 2-year full time programme.

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