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Career Support Services

ACCMAN offers a range of Career Support services for our current students and alumni as well as for top rated recruiters.

Current Students

Career Support Services at ACCMAN helps students make well-informed decisions about their future by helping them build the skills needed to find suitable jobs in their desired domains and for professional development and success. CSS starts working with the students from the start of the academic session by providing personal, one-on-one counseling, as well as a portfolio of tools, resources and training in the following areas:

  • » Choosing the right career path and chart a plan to reach there
  • » Develop skill-sets that are valued by the companies
  • » Understand and explore career opportunities in your chosen fields
  • » Bring a range of companies from different domains for Campus Placement
  • » Build a strong professional network and enrich your profile
  • » Support in résumé writing and preparation for interviews
  • » Professional assessments to identify and measure your interests and skills
  • » Guidance on evaluating job offers and negotiating your salary


Graduates from ACCMAN can continue to use our services for their professional development in the following areas:

  • » Explore currrent openings
  • » Assess their current status and future requirements
  • » Assess career options
  • » Plan a career change


Career Support Services at ACCMAN has developed strong connections with several top rated companies across different domains by helping them recruit graduates (both fresher and experienced) from the campus as per their requirement. We also work together with recruiters in developing industry specific and company specific skillsets among the students. Specifically, we undertake the following activities for the recruiters:

  • » Advertising openings amongst both current students and alumni
  • » Organizing Campus Recruitment events
  • » Organizing promotional events for the companies
  • » Organizing industry and company specific skill development



ACCMAN offers its PGDM
programme with DUAL
SPECIALIZATION in any two of
the following areas:-

  • » Finance
  • » Marketing
  • » Human Resource
  • » Information Technology
  • » Internation Business

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