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ACCMAN Institute of Management is fortunate to have a strong faculty pool, both fulltime and adjunct, with a rich mix of academic and industry experience who have been teaching for decades. Another unique feature about ACCMAN faculty is their stability of association with the Institute with several of them being associated with the Institute since inception. Amongst themselves, ACCMAN faculty encompass a wide range of capabilities that enable them to teach courses from several concentration areas including those from emerging areas.

ACCMAN faculty have been true role models for our students with the high standards of moral and ethical values that they exhibit. In addition, the care and affection that they bestow upon the students is something really unmatched. This translates into a unique learning experience which students passing from ACCMAN cherish forever.

ACCMAN continuously keeps on upgrading the knowledge and skills of the faculty members for which various Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) are regularly organized.

"The fact that I can plant a seed

and it becomes a flower, share

a bit of knowledge and it

becomes another's, smile at

someone and receive a smile in

return, are to me continual

spiritual exercises."


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