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Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Program is an essential element of ACCMAN experience which plays an important role in enhancing employability of the graduating students. It is aimed at providing experiential inputs, macro-level insights and networking opportunities. What is unique about ACCMAN Mentorship is the fact that each student gets mentored by two mentors--one academician and one corporate professional, so that they get the benefit of two complementary perspectives about issues that are important for their development.

The Mentorship Program is designed as a series of interactions between the mentor and the mentee(s) in informal settings where a 2-way dialogue takes place. These interactive sessions provide an exceptional opportunity for students to receive guidance and counsel from those with experience, insights and network which would otherwise not be available to them. Mentorship will also include eMentoring (interactions over email) and T-Mentoring (interactions over telephone).

Mentors are assigned to the students though a rigorous matching process during which the respective strengths, backgrounds, inclinations and developmental needs are taken into account.

Our Mentorship program uses the following developmental techniques for development of students - Accompanying, Sowing, Catalyzing, Showing and Harvesting.

At ACCMAN, Mentoring becomes a process for transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychological support relevant to academics, career and professional development. Though Mentorship program is useful for everyone in terms of academic and professional development, it is particularly considered as highly effective for those who come from smaller towns or from deprived backgrounds for whom this acts as a bridge to the corporate world.


ACCMAN offers its PGDM
programme with DUAL
SPECIALIZATION in any two of
the following areas:-

  • » Finance
  • » Marketing
  • » Human Resource
  • » Information Technology
  • » International Business

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