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Event - National Marketing Conference (Advantage India)


ACCMAN organized a National Conference on “Advantage India - The Marketing Challenge”. The conference was attended by a large number of industry professionals.

Mr. B. Kannan, Senior Vice-President, Nestle India Ltd. said that India is a Goldmine for FMCG Opportunities. Amongst the BRIC countries India has the highest consumer base. Product Development should be in consonance with the prevailing test of the society not in conflict.

Mr. T.R. Bajaliya, Executive Director of IDBI said that the governance of our regulator is the best. India is known for its largest core banking system. We should try to grow entrepreneurship as sufficient funds are available with the banks.

Mr. Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner, South Asia Results International Group PLC said that India is strong in building brands through after sales service. Mr. Srikant Sastri, Chairperson Vivaki India Ltd. emphasized the importance of Innovation and Indians are good at thinking out of the box.

Mr. Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner, South Asia Results International Group PLC. said that Introspection is required as to what motivates people to work in tandem.

Mr. Hoshie Ghaswalla, President Cyber Media focused on the challenges that we are facing today like over- commitment and under- delivery, ‘chalta hai' attitude, lack of technological awareness in transformational (previous) generation, etc.

Other prominent speakers at the conference were Mr. P.K. Gupta - Chairman & M.D., Zest Agro Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Subroto Chattopadhyay - Chairman, The Peninsula Foundation, and Mr. Arvind Mayar,CEO, Secure Oarking Solutions, Ex- MD Fedders Inc.

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