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Learning @ ACCMAN (Activity Based Experiential Learning)


After studying for three trimesters at the campus, students go for a supervised internship of a minimum period of 8 weeks during the Summer Trimester. This internship can be done in any reputed organization including companies, NGOs and government bodies. Internship is structured to provide p ractical experience to the students in the fields of their liking (usually the fields in which they want to specialize and develop their careers). The aim is bring the World of Study and the World of Work together for application of theory to actual problems in the real world and thereby further hone the knowledge and skill base of students and also develop the right professional attitude.

Internship will involve specified deliverables in the form of organizational work, project, assignment(s) and presentations which have to be delivered within a specified timeframe. Internship is designed as actual work experience which will allow students to achieve personal goals aligned with the goals of the organization.

Internship will be supervised by Internship course-in-charge (a senior faculty member) assisted by other instructors as well as at least one co-supervisor from the organization.


Several courses will have project-work built into their course design which students conduct in small groups. These not only involve the various stages like problem identification, analysis and problem solution, but also a presentation before the class or an invited jury followed by a viva-voce. Apart from these course projects, students can also opt for three distinct real-world projects during the second year of the program. Taken together, these projects ensure that students practice the theoretical knowledge acquired, integrate different disciplines of Management, understand contemporary industrial practices and accelerate team-work & personality development. All projects require written reports, oral presentations and defence of conclusions .

Following are the three projects (which will be part of project based courses) offered in the second year:

Organization Analysis Project : The student is required to analyze one company using information available in the public domain along all functional dimensions, as well as find comment on the future prospects of the company in the context of a competition mapping and analysis. On the one hand, this project will provide the student an opportunity to apply and integrate the concepts learnt in the first year, and on the other, provides rigorous unguided practice of information search and analysis skills .

Business Plan Project : The student is required to create a comprehensive business plan for a new entrepreneurial venture. While on the one hand this project requires the student to apply in an integrated way the tools, techniques, concepts and skills they have acquired so far, on the other hand it acquaints students with the issues and intricacies of new-venture creation and exposes them to the conceptual frameworks for evaluating techno-commercial attractiveness for entrepreneurial investment decisions. This project is evaluated by a team comprising a faculty member from the University and an investment expert from industry.

Social Responsibility Project : ACCMAN believes that concepts like inclusive growth, bottom-of-the-pyramid and corporate social responsibility have to be integrated in the learning structure itself. This project will typically revolve around a problem sourced from an NGO, where the application of management expertise would lead to solution.

Leadership Interactions

ACCMAN organizes leadership interactions with senior industry professionals or invited academicians at least twice a month. These interactions help the students develop in-depth understanding of different perspectives on important issues confronting the nation and the business, and also shape their values, beliefs and attitudes. Participation by students is a compulsory co-curricular requirement .

Contemporary Business Issues

This is a course that is offered as a compulsory course during the first year. The aim of this supervised course is to create awareness about business issues through regular reading of newspapers, business magazines and websites, and relate those with the concepts that students learn in their courses. The course will mainly consist of presentations made by the students on current developments before the class. Students are also required to maintain a blog for knowledge sharing and for discussion of the issues amongst themselves.


At the end of Trimester I and Trimester II, students have to appear for a viva-voce before a panel of judges. The questions cover all the subjects learnt during the trimester and their linkages with each other, and mainly focus on application and relating those with issues with what is discussed in media.

Industry Visits

ACCMAN organizes field trips to various companies so that the students get a feel of how things really work in organizations. Industry trips also offer them opportunity to interact with managers for developing a better understanding of operational matters.


ACCMAN offers its PGDM
programme with DUAL
SPECIALIZATION in any two of
the following areas:-

  • » Finance
  • » Marketing
  • » Human Resource
  • » Information Technology
  • » International Business

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