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PGDM Program Architecture

Trimester Structure

The two-year fulltime PGDM program consists of six trimesters of around 12 weeks each, equally divided over the two years, and a 8-week Summer Trimester at the end of the first year (after 3 trimesters). The program has a total of 35 courses, 21 in the first year and 14 in the second year, and 1 internship course during the intervening Summer Trimester, with total credit weight of 108 credits.

The thumb rule for credits is that a 3-credit course involves around 100 hours of work � 30% in classroom-based learning, and the rest for projects, assignments and general preparation.

Dual Specialization

Students are required to specialize in at least one Concentration Area , and at least 5 Electives must be chosen from that area. Students will also have the option to opt for dual specialization (with 5 Electives each in two concentration areas). Concentration areas currently planned are Finance & Accounting, Marketing, HRM, International Business and Business Technology .

Course Handouts

Students will be provided with course handouts of the 35 courses which will be uploaded on Learning Management System of the institute. Every Course Handout will cover the following: Course Description

  1. Learning Outcomes (differentiated into Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes & Traits)
  2. Session Plan (including topics covered, pre-reading, additional reading, assignments, activities and pedagogy)
  3. Restrictions, if any (the Program Committee has to approve elective courses where registration is less than 30).
  4. Evaluation Scheme, their descriptions, rubrics and weightages
  5. General Policies including attendance and make-up policies

Each session and evaluation component will be mapped to the Learning Outcomes of the course.

First Year PGDM

During the first-year of PGDM, students are exposed to fundamental concepts and their application in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Quantitative Methods, Analytics, Economics and Organizational Behavior. In addition, students will also study integrative management courses dealing with Business Strategy, Legal System, Business Technology, Business Research and Public Policy & Ethics during the first year which will enable them to develop a holistic approach to business.

These courses help students develop a deep understanding of and application ability in all functional areas of management together with fostering an integrative approach to business and the ability to see the big picture. The first year courses and pedagogy are aimed at developing a thinking process that is structured apart from developing the key management competencies such as analytical ability, problem-solving and decision making skills.

During the first year, students will be required to study 21 courses, each with 3 credits.

Second Year PGDM

In the second year, all the 14 courses will be electives from different concentration areas. In the second year, the emphasis is on application of concepts gained in the form of projects, group exercises and case discussions and therefore, even though class room based learning of concepts is important, the emphasis is on experiential learning, learning through doing and group learning which will require students to devote additional time outside the classroom.

The second year of the program also emphasizes skill development and development of the right attitude for first day-first hour productivity in the corporate world. Interactive skills requiring effective communication, conflict management, negotiation, leadership and motivation are considered essential ingredients of effective management, which the students have to develop.

ACCMAN offers its PGDM
programme with DUAL
SPECIALIZATION in any two of
the following areas:-

  • » Finance
  • » Marketing
  • » Human Resource
  • » Information Technology
  • » International Business

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