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ACCMAN Institute of Management was founded with the mission of developing business leaders capable of successfully operating in today's complex environment-- leaders who are dedicated to serve their organizations as well as the society at large. We at ACCMAN, therefore seek to develop leadership as well as creativity and teamwork skills that are critical to success.

Today, the global economy provides challenges as well as opportunities. Challenges are manifold. We have chronic problems of poverty, health, illiteracy and technological divide in India. Internationally, the world is faced with a deteriorating security environment particularly in our immediate neighbourhood. Then we have the issues of an aging world faced with global warming caused by an unsustainable lifestyle. All these challenges are looking for solutions which provide an opportunity which India with its vast and talented pool of youth can explore.

At ACCMAN, we are constantly striving towards excellence, and in order to achieve this we have created an environment which offers opportunities for knowledge creation, development and dissemination on a continuous basis. We have endeavored to make

ACCMAN the right destination for those who are seeking not only a highly valued qualification but also aim to be leaders who can make a difference.

I look forward to welcoming you at this important juncture of your career.

Vishvesh Goel, FCA

" Integration of knowledge and

practice is the key to

management education of today"

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