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Student Support Services

ACCMAN has dedicated student support services that are designed to help students succeed. Students can take advantage of a range of personal, academic, career and social support services that ACCMAN offers with dedicated staff who are available to answer questions and to help make life and learning at ACCMAN easier, enjoyable and convenient.

Academic Support Centre
Academic Success Centre supports development of academic competence among students by helping develop effective study skills, refining strategies for academic success, understanding academic rules and regulations, choosing or changing majors, minors and specialization/ concentration areas and help choose study strategies for achieving their goals. This centre is designed to provide students with the decision-making and academic skills they need to be successful.

Academic Support Centre also incorporates Learning Support Services which are located on the 1 st and 2th floors of the Institute as a part of the ACCMAN Institute Learning Commons. A wide variety of academic support is offered to students from a single, convenient location including open spaces to study with classmates, groups study, workshops, drop-in sessions, supportive Senior Student Helpers, as well as networked computers.

Student Experience Office
The Student Experience Office is the first stop when the students arrive at the Institute. This office ensures that the new students make a successful transition to campus life. This office continues to support them throughout their time at the Institute by offering helpful services and programs that encourage student engagement.

Student Counseling
ACCMAN Institute of Management offers confidential counseling to enrolled students for personal, relationship, family or study difficulties that may affect them.  Our counselors are highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to support all students in achieving academic success as well as an enjoyable campus experience. 

Students may find counseling helpful for a wide range of academic or personal issues including;

  • » Adjusting to change (e.g. new culture, campus, city, academic expectations)
  • » Managing study stress
  • » Exam anxiety
  • » Procrastination or perfectionism
  • » Motivation problems
  • » Managing a personal or family crisis
  • » Grief and loss
  • » Friendships
  • » Decision making

Counselors are available to see students for individual appointments. They also facilitate a range of student workshops designed to support successful student transition to the campus life and their overall wellbeing including a range of online resources for students.

Communication and Language Learning Services
ACCMAN's Communication and Language Learning team helps students develop their communication and language skills which is particularly useful for students coming from smaller towns and for those who are from deprived backgrounds. The team provides students with guidance and resources not only for English language development but on all aspects of their learning related to communication and interpersonal skills. This includes strategies for adapting to campus life, managing new expectations and workloads, personality development, and developing academic literacies required in particular courses and discipline areas. Students can access Communication and Language Learning support through both face-to-face via workshops and electronically via a range of online resources. The Communication and Language Learning team also assists academic staff to include academic and professional literacies in their curriculum to help career and professional development of the students.


ACCMAN offers its PGDM
programme with DUAL
SPECIALIZATION in any two of
the following areas:-

  • » Finance
  • » Marketing
  • » Human Resource
  • » Information Technology
  • » International Business

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